cat hotel








 13€  for 1 cat per day

22€  for 2 cats per day

30€  for 3 cats per day


the price includes the daily care, the possible administration of medication (if the cat allows this !!) and a fully equipped room (food-drink bowl, 1 or more litter boxes, scratching posts, etc, ... .) we have different types of food in the hotel,  food may always be brought from home  but this is without price reduction! for cats that receive special food (diet, diabetes, etc ...) we ask to bring your own food!








Terms and Conditions


• the cats must have been vaccinated for the following diseases: cat disease (panleucopenia), sneezing disease (coryza) and leucosis. these vaccinations must be in order at least 3 weeks before the stay of the cat and must not be older than 12 months ... for more information about this please contact your vet !!


 • The vaccination booklet or passport accompanies the animal during his stay at the hotel without a valid vaccination booklet we can not allow the cat in the pension! the cat must also recently be deflowed and dewormed before he / she enters the hotel, otherwise this will be done in the hotel and the costs will be passed on to the owner. (10 €)


• cats with infectious disease or cats who, for some reason, are at risk are not accepted in the pension!

 • non-castrated cats over 6 months are not admitted to the pension!


• at reservation a deposit of 50% of the amount payable is requested, this must be transferred no later than 14 days after confirmation of reservation, otherwise the reservation will be canceled!


• cancellation conditions:


• cancellation 30 days before arrival the full deposit will be refunded.•

 cancellation 14 days before arrival, half of the deposit will be refunded.•

if you cancel later than 14 days or do not show up on the day itself, nothing will be refunded !!


• In the event of illness during the stay, we will have your cat treated by our veterinarian who is attached to the cat hotel or, if indicated otherwise, by your own veterinarian. The costs for this treatment and / or medication are at your own expense.


 • If you wish to bring your cat (s) later or wish to pick up earlier than the agreed period, the full amount for the reserved days is requested. if you wish to extend the stay of your cat (s), these days will be charged and paid the day you pick up your cat (s).


• Katpension Kamous is not liable for damage and / or costs resulting from illness, injury or death of the host animal.



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